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The research activities of the Cornell Pharmacology Program faculty cover broad areas of modern pharmacological sciences. Faculty carry out research in cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, drug metabolism, toxicology, proteomics, molecular pharmacology, receptors and signal transduction, and drug design.








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June 1, 2017:

Graduation 2017 at Carnegie Hall in NYC. For more pictures click here

April 22, 2017:

March for Science, NYC!! For more pictures from the March for Science, click here

April 18, 2017:

Dr. Samie Jaffrey has won the 2017 ASPET Abel Award, an award to stimulate fundamental research in pharmacology and experimental therapeutics by young investigators. Dr. Dr. Jaffrey will deliver the John J. Abel Award in Pharmacology Lecture on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at the annual meeting. Well done, Samie! Congratulations! For more, click here

March 14, 2017:

Pharmacology PhD student Jackson Harvey and his advisor, Dr. Dan Heller, have a paper accepted in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations! The paper is titled: "A Carbon Nanotube Reporter of miRNA Hybridization Events In Vivo." To read: click here

January 20, 2017:

Dr. Christopher Triggle, one of our faculty in WCMC-Qatar, was elected as a fellow of the British Pharmacology Society. Congratulations, Chris!! For details: click here:

January 20, 2017:

Congratulations to Jaclyn Kubala on her new F31 fellowship from NCI titled: The Role of NDUFA4L2 in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma! Jackie is a Pharmacology PhD student co-mentored by Drs. Heller and Gudas, with Dr. David Nanus as a collaborator on this kidney cancer project.

January 17, 2017:

Dr. Paul Watkins, UNC Inst. for Drug Safety Sciences, gave a fascinating talk for the annual Marcus Reidenberg lecture, titled “Why Good Drugs are Sometimes Bad for the Liver.” Pictured are Henry Earle, June Reidenberg, Arleen Rifkind, Marcus Reidenberg, Paul Watkins, & Lorraine Gudas at a reception after the talk. For more pictures: click here

January 12, 2017:

Congratulations to Dr. Samie Jaffrey, who just won the Abel Award from ASPET! Dr. Jaffrey's mentor, Dr. Sol Snyder, received this award in 1970 (three years before he discovered the opiate receptor) and Dr. Jaffrey is his fourth student to receive this award. To read more, click here:

January 7, 2017:

Nature Methods just named epitranscriptome mapping their "Method of the Year," highlighting Dr. Jaffrey's role in initiating this field with Kate Meyer's 2012 Cell paper. To read more, click here:

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July 2017:

Dr. Barry Kappel, a PhD graduate in our Pharmacology Program, started his own company, Sapience Therapeutics, in October, 2015 (Nature 245:58; 18, May 2017)